Thursday, March 08, 2007

ESH/MIS (Environment, Safety and Health, Management Information System)

Corporations and the general population has now increased awareness of environmental issues and its relation with health, ESH (Environment, Safety and Health) at the workplace and its compliance and many companies are implementing ESH/MIS (Environmental Safety and Health, Management Information Systems) at the workplace. It is good to implement such systems at the workplace as happy and healthy workers in a healthy and safe workplace environment makes for happy and healthy workers which can affect the corporation's bottom line.

However, not every corporation has the necessary personnel to plan and implement comply with such systems and requirements at the workplace, and this is where specialist firms like EDGS (Environmental Data Solutions Group, LLC) can come into the picture. There are available off the shelf software to aid implementation of such systems, but EDGS tailor make solutions for its clients.

EDGS can help firms plan and implement ESH/MIS at the workplace in 3 areas - Benchmarking, Strategic Planning, Detailed Design and Implementation, Compliance and Remediation.

If all corporations make use of firms like EDGS, the workplace in particular, and the world in general, will be a better place to work and live in.


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