Thursday, October 04, 2007

Quality Lockers for stress free living. Less stress means better health

I just came back from a talk by a doctor. Among other things, he said getting enough exercise (not too much) and also our state of mind can affect our health. There is general consensus on this, and what he is telling us is nothing new. The famous Mayo Clinic list 7 benefits of exercise - improves your mood (can help particularly those who are depressed), combat chronic diseases (osteoporosis, high blood pressure, blood cholesterol (boosts good high-density lipoprotein (HDL)and decrease bad low-density lipoprotein (LDL), type 2 diabetes, and certain types of cancer), manage your weight, strengthens your heart and lungs, promotes better sleep (improve concentration, productivity and mood), put the spark back into your sex life, and would you believe it, can be fun.

One can get healthy exercise almost anywhere, but for this new generation, the place to get it is the gym or the club. This invariably means a need for a locker to keep your valuables and your working clothing after changing into your sport wear. The worst thing after having a good workout, rounds of squash or tennis, numerous laps of the swimming pool, is to discover that your locker had been broken into, your hand phone gone with all the precious phone numbers collected over years, purse with identity card, driving license, credit cards, ATM cards missing, etc. Would you be stressed? I would, probably not just stressed, but highly stressed. And definitely not good for our health.

You would get a better peace of mind if your gym or club invest in good Gym Lockers when you go for that essential exercise to keep you healthy, and keep you stress-free which will also go a long way towards promoting good health. If your gym or club didn't provide you with secure lockers, refer them to this post for your and your fellow gym or club members' health sake. Go see the manager or email him or her giving the URL of this post to help persuade him of her of the necessity of having secure lockers.

The lockers should not only be secure, but also should be vented lockers for good ventilation. This is to help keep your things fresh. It is even more important to have vented lockers if after your exercise, you take your bath, put the wet towels and damp sport shoes or swimming trunk into the locker and changed back into your working clothing to go for a well deserved, and hopefully, healthy meal. You don't want to have unhealthy fungus growth which can be promoted by badly or unventilated lockers.

If you get an uncooperative manager, perhaps you can make a small sacrifice by sending him or her a Gift certificate to show him or her you are serious about the security, and indirectly your health and good state of mind when you visit the gym or club. Maybe your fellow gym or club members can gang up to share the load. What is a small sacrifice compared with peace of mind leading to better health?



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