Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Environmental Safety and Health for companies and manufacturers

I taught Environmental Protection and prepared a proposed syllabus for a combined "Environmental Protection cum Occupational Safety and Health" subject, and although that was some time ago, I can still remember the seriousness of the environmental problems facing passengers (which means you, me, our future generations) of our only Spaceship Earth with no lifeboat and Occupational Safety and Health.

Environmental problems, particularly harmful pollutants, have obvious connection to health and well being of us passengers of Spaceship Earth and I think need no elaboration.

Environmental Safety and Health problems should not only be the responsibility of the governments, the agencies, Non-Government Organizations, but also businesses, manufacturers and individuals. I think this is particularly important for businesses and manufacturers because some businesses and manufactures (not all) often place more importance on the bottom lines (in plain English - profits) then the welfare of current and future inhabitants of Mother Earth (which sometimes they forget includes themselves and their family members) plus I think they are the major source of pollution and environmental problem (sorry, no statistic to back it up. If you have, will highly appreciate you leaving a comment with the info or a link, preferably active or clickable. Some of their irresponsible actions have long term effects which can stay with us for a very long time.

These problems must be tackled to the best of our abilities, and it is fortunate we have companies like EHS Compliance Software providing businesses and manufacturers come up with information technology (IT) innovations to help business comply with government regulations with respect to EHS (EHS is acronym for Environmental, Health and Safety) requirements, IT certifications and site remediation.

It is highly welcomed that we have companies like Environmental Data Solution Group providing benchmarking services to help companies adopt the best practices among peer companies and strategic planning services to help identify and allocate priorities with respect to EHS (Environmental, Health and safety) and MIS (Management Information System) projects.

Environmental Data Solution Group also have EHS Metrics Software to help track data to maintain compliance with various federal, state, and local laws and provide the performance criteria to support continual improvement beyond compliance. ISO 14000, the International Standard Organization for Environmental Management Systems, as well as IS09000 (Quality Control) stress on continual improvements.

Environmental Data Solution Group's EHS Software implementation also helps companies and manufacturers implement services for Environmental Health and Safety Management Information Systems and help them increase effectiveness and efficiency in controlling the environmental impact of their operations, comply with regulatory requirements, and very important, for staff welfare, increase worker safety plus reduces risks from environmental and health consequences as well a financial aspects of their operations.



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