Saturday, March 29, 2008

Medical Insurance, medical service providers, medical billing services

Getting sick can be an expensive affair that can deplete your bank account and you would be wise to get some kind of health insurance. If you have purchased such medical (or health) insurance, then you can have peace of mind that if you ever get seriously ill, and need expensive medical treatments from medical service providers, you have your insurance company behind you covering your medical bills. If you are fortunate to live in a country like the United States of America, you probably is covered by Medicare. Medicare is funded partially by payroll taxes contributed both by the company and their salaried employees.

To you, doing that is a simple matter. You visit a doctor, the doctor makes a diagnosis, prescribe treatments, you or the medical service provider submit a claim to the insurance company, and you rest in peace at home. However, a lot of things goes on in the background of which you probably are not aware of. You can find out more about what goes on in the background at Wikipedia: Medical billing in the United States.

The role of medical billing companies as an intermediary between the medical service providers and the insurance companies lubricate the whole process from claims to payment, and because of the complexities, having a medical billing software is important and perhaps is one of the reason why Prefered Health Resources, a medical billing company is able to claim that they can achieve a claim adjustment rate of 12% with Medicare, way below the average 20% to 35% reported in a recent article in Dermatology Times.



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