Thursday, November 08, 2007

Online Canadian Pharmacy

The graphic header of this blog is "Health is Wealth" which is very true for who can enjoy his or her wealth without good health. There are lots of things we can do to try to maintain good health such as getting the right nutrition, getting enough exercise, avoiding substances that can harm our health, etc. However, whatever we do is no guarantee that we will not get medical problems. I have come across 2 (actually 3) cases where the people I am in contact with who aren't in the best of health. One is a paraplegic who became one because of a serious accident and now suffers from chronic pain. He asked me to help him with his blog to earn income from affiliate marketing but said he have only $100 left over from Medicare and Medicaid after paying for nursing care. The other one I almost forgot is a blogger from Australia who also suffers from chronic pain. The third one is a fellow fellow blogger. She admitted to suffering from depression. Now for depression, some says herbal stuff like St. John Wort is effective, but for serious cases which require hospitalization, I have my doubts whether such mild stuff is sufficient.

When we are unfortunate to fall into ill health, we can either turn to Natural Remedies or Conventional Medicine because natural remedies cannot help in some cases, and similarly conventional medicine cannot help in others.

The fellow Blog*Star whom I said admitted to suffering from depression happened to be a Canadian. I am highly tempted to let her know about Online Canadian Pharmacy which is actually an escrow service that helps connect surfers with a pharmacy in a safe and trustworthy environment. As far as I know, Prozac or Fluoxetine is the most popular and most widely prescribed drug for depression and it is known that St. John wort, the herbal alternative, does not work in every cases. While this escrow service do provide delivery to all over the world, the reason why I thought of this website is because shipping to Canada I suppose is easier to a Canadian address as I expect most of the pharmacies would be Canadian based. However, I have not checked with them. Perhaps I will.

Maybe I should do that soon because I see on that website that not only do they claim to be able to help their customers save an average of 40% to 90% off their medications, they are offering also offering for a limited time only, Free Shipping For Life when buying drugs from any of their licensed pharmacies for Premium Members.

However, I would advice those who use conventional medicine to do their own research because they can have undesirable side effects which a busy medical doctor may not always have the time to inform you about them. For example, I have read that Prozac can increase the possibility of suicide. But there are always alternatives and you should consult your doctor regarding them. In any case, one has to weight the pros and cons of using a medication versus the benefits they can bring. Herbs, which many believe do not have side effect, if used wrongly, can also bring problems.



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